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Control System

The Neuropixels control system allows user-friendly and reliable operation of the Neuropixels 1.0 probes. All parts have been optimized to achieve seamless end-to-end interoperability and data integrity.

The control system consists of three parts: a headstage, an interface cable and a PXIe acquisition module. Dedicated application software is also available. 


This miniature and light-weight interface board is essential for power supply to the probe, probe configuration, bi-directional data communication and system diagnostics and debugging.

Interface Cable

The flexible 5 m long and 410 x 820 µm thin interface cable establishes a power and data link between the headstage and PXIe acquisition board and weighs only 5 g.

PXIe Acquisition Module

This custom PXIe acquisition module can acquire data from up to 4 probes simultaneously.  It enables probe configuration, data acquisition and data transmission to a PC. An API allows development of custom application software.

NOTE: Additional third-party PXIe hardware must be installed to use this module. Please read the Neuropixels User Manual for more info.

Headstage Test Dongle

This dongle connects to the headstage and can be used for system diagnostics and debugging.

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