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Neuropixels 1.0 Probe

The Neuropixels 1.0 probe is a fully-integrated silicon CMOS digital neural probe with on-chip circuitry for signal conditioning and digitization. In order to use the probe you also need to acquire a dedicated control system and install or develop application software

Each probe features 384 dual-band, low-noise recording channels that can individually be configured to simultaneously record AP (action potential) and LFP (local field potential) signals from 960 selectable, low-impedance TiN electrodes densely tiled along a 10-mm long, 70 x 24 µm cross-section straight shank. Voltage signals are filtered, amplified, multiplexed and digitized on-chip, allowing the direct streaming of digital data from the probe.

The combination of dense recording sites and high channel count yields well-isolated spiking activity from hundreds of neurons per implanted probe. The small form-factor, flexible and light-weight package of only 400 mg allow implantation of multiple probes and chronic recording of large populations of neurons from several brain structures in freely moving animals.

Fully-packaged probes can be purchased with either of two cap versions glued to the probe base: a flat silicon cap or a aluminum cap with dedicated dovetail structures. Both serve as light shield and allow accurate and well-aligned attachment of custom holders. Mating holders for the aluminum cap are developed at Janelia Research Campus, design files are available on this link


Packaged but non-functional dummy probes with silicon or metal cap are also available for training and testing purposes.

NOTE: Probe-specific configuration files will be provided with each probe shipment via a file transfer service and must be loaded into software prior to using the probes.

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