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Gui Software

GUI Software

Currently, you can acquire data from all Neuropixels probes with either of two software packages:

  • SpikeGLX  is Neuropixels-focused software developed by Bill Karsh at Janelia Research Campus, HHMI.

  • The Open Ephys GUI is a plugin-based application developed by Josh Siegle and Jakob Voigts.

Both packages are provided at no cost and are open source.


Both packages use the same underlying API (application programming interface) to communicate with the probes, so their functionality as far as acquiring data should be identical, though they differ in their graphical display, interface for modifying probe settings, options for online data processing, and file formats for saving data.

NOTE: Refer to the Neuropixels User Manual for additional information 

PXIe Firmware

PXIe Firmware

PXIe Firmware is downloaded from the GUI application websites. Please consult the User Guides for you application to make sure you are using the correct version for your software.

​Note: OneBoxes automatically update their firmware for you.​

Probe Calibration Files

Probe Calibration Files

All probes require a folder containing one or more calibration files specific to that probe. The folders are named according to the serial number of your probe.

A link to download the calibration folder is provided to you in an email when your probes are shipped to you. If you need a fresh link, email your probe serial numbers to

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