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The Neuropixels control system allows user-friendly and reliable operation of the Neuropixels probes. All parts have been optimized to achieve seamless end-to-end interoperability and data integrity.

Data Acquisition Systems
PXIe Card

This custom PXIe acquisition module can acquire data from up to 4 headstages simultaneously. It enables probe configuration, data acquisition and data transmission to a PC. An API allows development of custom application software.

NOTE: Additional third-party PXIe components (chassis, PXIe-PCIe interface cards, and driver software) must be installed to use this module. Please read the Neuropixels User Manual for more info

Order code: PXIE_1000

OneBox (Coming Soon)

The Neuropixels OneBox is a user-friendly alternative to purchasing a PXIe chassis and controller from a third-party supplier. The OneBox is a USB3 device that can acquire data from 2 headstages. It also provides 12 non-neural channels each for analog input and output.

The OneBox comes with a breakout board and connecting SDR cable for easy connection to the auxiliary ADC/DAC channels via BNC connectors. Mounting brackets are included.

Order code: ONEBOX_1000

Data Acquisition Systems
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