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2.0 Probe

The Neuropixels 2.0 neural probe is the most advanced CMOS digital integrated microsystems platform.

Compared to Neuropixels 1.0, the 2.0 probe has a smaller, lighter weight package, and is available in single- or four-shank versions allowing even higher density chronic recording in small animal models.. 

The probe features 1280 low-impedance TiN recording sites densely tiled along one thin, 10 mm-long, straight shank, or 5120 electrodes divided over 4 shanks. The 384 parallel, configurable, low-noise recording channels integrated in the base enable simultaneous full band recording of hundreds of neurons. 

On-chip circuitry for signal conditioning and digitization results in a small and light-weight package allowing the implantation and simultaneous use of multiple probes in close proximity.

Neuropixels probes enable long-term monitoring and dense sampling of single cell activity within large neuron populations, whether in head fixed or tethered freely moving animal.

The probes connect to one of two custom-made recording system via a miniature and light-weight headstage, which is an essential interface board for reliable power supply, probe configuration, data streaming and system/probe diagnostics. Each headstage can connect two probes simultaneously. 

The probes are compatible with the Neuropixels 1.0 cables, both PXIe based and OneBox control systems, and are  supported by both SpikeGLX and Open Ephys software. 

Neuropixels 2.0 has three form factors: single shank, multi shank, and quad base, all of which are available as metal-capped or silicon-capped probes.

Order code:  NP2014 

Order code:  NP2013 

This probe features four shanks with 5120 recording electrodes in total (1280 electrodes per shank in two dense linear rows ), and 384 read out channels.


Fully packaged probes can be purchased with either of two cap versions glued to the probe base: a flat silicon cap or a metal cap with dovetail mounting structures.​

​Either cap type serves as a light shield for the base electronics and allows accurate and well-aligned attachment of custom holders.

The metal-capped and silicon-capped probes are identical in every way except the cap.

The metal-capped probe is compatible with the Neuropixels 2.0 probe holder, designed at the HHMI Janelia Research Campus.

Multi Shank
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